'My Diversity Holiday Wish'

'My Diversity Holiday Wish'

Tis the holiday season and all across the town,

Carols are playing, in stores they abound,

Listening to them and humming along,

Pondering the question, do they still belong?

Carols from childhood do they no longer fit,

Or does a traditional one have a diversity tidbit?

Rudolph the reindeer brought out all of the childhood fears,

The poor guy couldn’t play with any of his peers.

Then Santa needs him, diversity saves the day,

Rudolph’s unique skill set now leads the way.

So quickly from outcast to hero through and through,

He was diversity at its best, helping the team and children too.

From bullying to inclusion in just two stanzas long,

How wonderful it would be if diversity worked like the song.

Out with the harassment, in with the smiles,

Reaching out to co-workers without motive or guile.

Out with the bias, exclusion and flirtation,

In with the helpfulness, teamwork and good communication.

Decorations from all traditions as we end up the year

Other kinds of carols bring diversity to what we all hear.

It’s not about eliminating, or making things go away

It’s about making space for others as they come along the way.

So let’s expand the idea of what belongs to this time of year,

And create an inclusive culture with people sincere.

My wish for our workplaces as this year disappears ,

Connections to our co-workers, be them far or near.

So come leaders, managers, employees, all I do call,

And, lets dash, dash away once and for all,

Discrimination, inequities, inequalities and fears,

And ring in a new year, full of laughter and good cheer.

- Kari Heistad

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