About the Diversity Dashboard

why a dashboard?

In our research with diversity professionals,  we have learned that most cobble together the proof of their program's success from multiple sources: spreadsheets they create, digging through old email threads, tracking data by hand, and adapting HR software.  The results from our national survey show that:

  • 80% of respondents said that tracking and analyzing their diversity programs is an issue

  • 91% were not happy with their ability to measure diversity metrics

  • 75% said that senior leaders were requesting diversity metrics

We are solving these problems with a single source of information for diversity professionals. In one tool, you can enter your information; view, customize, and filter what you've entered; anaylze the work you have done; and create and send reports.  In short, you can easily show how the work you are doing is helping to achieve strategic goals.  

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THe CHanging workplace?

Workplaces around the world and the United States are becoming more diverse every day. With the desire to attract and retain top talent, employers today increasingly use diversity and inclusion programs to help them manage their diverse workforces. Currently billions of dollars a year is spent on diversity programs in the United States, but most companies do not track the ROI of their diversity programs. This means that billions of dollars a year are not measured.

In today’s increasingly metrics-focused world, diversity professionals are at a disadvantage because they have no easy way to measure their work and to track the impact they are having on corporate strategic goals. In addition, companies are seeking ways to benchmark themselves against industry standards. There are currently only two time-intensive benchmarking options.

The Need for metrics

In today’s tech and data driven world, metrics are a key factor in the workplace. Senior leaders look to diversity professionals to provide metrics on how their budgets are being spent, and what the results are from their work. Leadership is also looking to understand how diversity professionals' work is helping to achieve strategic goals, such as research innovation, sales to new markets, employee engagement, and improving customer service. Diversity metrics help diversity professionals to show how their work is helping to achieve these goals.

Diversity Dashboard Modules

Our SaaS software solution will be comprised of several modules, each one created around an area of the diversity program. These areas will include:

  • Diversity Events

  • Diversity Training

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Supplier Diversity

  • Senior Leadership Engagement

  • Diversity Communications

  • Budget

  • Employee Demographics

In future iterations, the software will also have a benchmarking feature that allows companies to easily benchmark against organizations of a particular size, region, or industry using the data already in the software.

Founding of the dashboard

The Diversity Dashboard was conceived by Kari Heistad, after more than 20 years of experience in the diversity and cross-cultural fields. The idea was sparked by conversations with clients and other diversity professionals about their challenges in creating and tracking diversity metrics. In 2017 the time was right: with the confluence of increased capabilities of SaaS technology, a need from diversity professionals, and the increased focus of the corporate world on metrics, the idea of the Diversity Dashboard was born. The Dashboard officially launched in January of 2017.

Kari has built a team of people who are passionate about creating diverse and inclusive workplaces that seek to limit discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Our vision is that the Diversity Dashboard will help give diversity professionals a tool to help them show the value of their work to their organizations. It will also help them to better leverage their resources and be able to advocate more effectively for their programs and the benefits of creating respectful workplaces.

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