Diversity works. Prove it through metrics.

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The Diversity Dashboard is a project management software tool that provides diversity professionals with the ability to track their activity, measure their results, and report on the ROI of their diversity programs. We have launched our software with the first functionality of tracking diversity events. These include both internal events such as diversity council or ERG meetings and external events such as diversity recruiting or community outreach events. The event functionality works well with organizations handling 20+ events and it handles most of the pre and post event planning and work in terms of budgeting, scheduling, planning and reporting on events.


Value of Our SaaS Product for Diversity Professionals

Informed data based decision making using accurate, comprehensive data in real time. Our online project management software helps you measure the work you do, allowing you to then demonstrate to your organization how your diversity programs help to achieve key strategic initiatives. Enter your data, analyze it, and measure your results. Then report out to the leadership team.

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Why a Dashboard?

In the United States, 93% of companies* that have a diversity program do not measure the ROI of their program. In today's metric-driven workplace, diversity professionals need software designed to help track their activity, measure their results, and analyze their ROI.

*Society for Human Resource Management, 2013.

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Benefits and Results

Access from anywhere
Ability to see all event activity
Tracking key event indicators

Reporting on metrics and data
Tighter budget control
More effective budget use
Fully understanding event activity & metrics
Confidently report results and make decision

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What is Diversity?

Diversity today encompasses much more than it did before when most people thought of it mostly as race and gender. Now it includes many aspects of diversity: ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability, veterans and generations. In essence, it is all of the ways that we are similar and different to one another.


69% of Human Resource leaders say diversity is important or very important.

Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte, 2017. 140 countries; 10,400 businesses.

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Diversity Dashboard Vision

To provide diversity professionals with the tools to show the value of their work and in doing so, to help to create more inclusive, diverse workplaces.

Diverse Teams Are More Successful

Numerous studies show the power of diverse teams

  • On average, companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 53 percent.

  • A study of 2.5 million research papers showed that collaborators tend to align with similar people. But research papers with similar collaborators resulted in papers published in lower rated publications and they are also cited 5-10% fewer times than papers written by diverse teams.